Fight the good fight

November 15, 2009 § 2 Comments

So, technically, I’m cleaning up my room. I’ve already unearthed a treasure trove on the bottom of my wardrobe, done a load of laundry, sorted some books, cleared off my armchair, counted my scarves and shawls… there’s twenty of them. Twenty. I do hope they don’t mob together to plot my ultimate demise, one day…


(about half of my scarves and shawls)

… and then I kind of got distracted, and started writing birthdays and my schedule in my new calender for next year, and photographed my new Baktus, and stroked some yarn, and now I’m blogging to avoid sewing buttons on my cardigan as a last resort of procrastination. Cause mysteriously and unexpectedly, I’ve lost my interest in cleaning up my room halfway through.


IMG_5916 IMG_5891

When I said I ‘photographed my new Baktus’, I might have also meant camwhoring. Just a bit. And without any makeup, too, which is unusual for me, cause usually I look like shit without it. But somehow, I think those photos are kinda cute, which might also be due to the freshly dyed jbf-look my hair’s rocking.


By the way, Drachenwolle Merino/Silk/Bamboo, in THE most gorgeous fall colors, on 3.5 mm bamboo needles. Started Oct 29 – took me forever because I kept getting distracted, and cause it’s not really that much of a riveting project. But, yeah. Now that it’s done, I’m rather enchanted by it. The only thing about it is that with the high percentage of silk and bamboo, I don’t think it’s gonna be quite as warm as my Zitron XXL one. On the other hand, isn’t silk supposed to be super warm? I’ll have to put it to the test.


I went slightly overboard with the tassels this time. I braided for pretty exactly 20 cm, then another 7.1 cm of actual loose tassel. (How do I know exact measurements? Well, Sam Winchester isn’t the only one who keeps a ruler by his bed.) But yeah, almost a foot of Dangly Stuff, that’s pretty cool. They’re thicker this time, too, and I can’t wait to unply the tassel strands.

Well, anyways. Spanish isn’t going fast enough, so I’ve been teaching myself the perfect tense, which is not as much work as I’d feared, and fun, too, but I’ve let my studying slip for the past couple of days, and it’s time to pull one of these again:



Study night with Saskia. We’ve replaced the alcohol with tea, the chocolate with baked beans, and the watching movies with actual studying. We’re getting old. And I have more vocab index cards after five weeks of Spanish than Saskia after over two semesters of Chinese.

Like the last two photos? I’ve discovered there’s a custom mode for color effects, and I’ve been experimenting. This one’s high contrast, low saturation, and remind me a little of 70s photos.

Oh, by the way, I’ve also started charting the Starbucks design for the raglan. I see a whole lot of test knitting before me. Maybe I should cast on Opus Spicatum.


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