I will be chasing the starlight

November 18, 2009 § 3 Comments


Max Raabe tonight, and I’m titling my post with Muse lyrics. Oh well.

With that truly stunning sunset outside, I’m eternally grateful that it’s November and warm enough to sit by the open window in basketball shorts. Cause… I’ve been thinking.

As may have been implied by my trip to the US this spring, I spent a year there in 2005/06. I had tons of fun, met a lot of great people, and played, for the first time in my life, competitive sports. Volleyball was where I met people before school started; basketball occupied me over the winter and made me despise sprinting even more; softball was beyond hectic since pre-season training started at the same time as the play rehearsals went into the serious phase, and I never got home from school before 9, and it was a wonderful, exhausting time. I’ve never been so tan in my life. Well, parts of me; I had the typical softball tan that comes from spending two to three hours every day on the pitch in knee-high socks, shorts, a t-shirt, and a glove. And sunglasses. So yeah, I looked ridiculous, but I felt great about myself. I was still kinda fat – I still am – but I was in pretty good shape underneath all that padding.

There being no softball team in my vicinity when I got back to Germany, that of course stopped.

And then last night, I was reading some Supernatural AU that was set in a recreational softball league. And I got out my glove, like I do occasionally, and oiled it to keep the leather supple, and I thought… man. Softball. I really liked softball.

So I did some research, and my google-fu brought up two results for softball in Leipzig. Two teams. And at least one of them isn’t looking too competitive, and also looking for new players, and practices on Saturdays, and. It would be really nice to play again. To be part of a team again. To stand around on the pitch and squint into the sun and hear the thwack of bat against ball and to slide into base and have your palms burning from the impact of hitting the crap out of that leather.

I’m still not sure. I’m gonna sleep on it another night, and then tomorrow, write an email to whoever’s responsible there. As about practice times, and whether they’re still looking for people. And stuff.

Man, softball. Indoor, this time of the year, but… softball. I haven’t played in three years, and I was never that good. (Then again, my points of comparison were people who’d been playing for anywhere between three and ten years; and some of them were in year-round teams). But I’ve been fondling my glove for the past 24 hours, and… man, softball.

Today, I’m dressed in gym shorts and one of the first hoodies I bought in the US, and I haven’t felt this much like myself in a long time.


So, yeah. Now, out of the comfy clothes and into evening wear. And when I say evening wear, that includes the big, green monster.

Holy shit, Max Raabe!



§ 3 Responses to I will be chasing the starlight

  • Max Raabe? I fail, I know.

    Did you end up playing some softball?

  • wollphilie says:

    haha, nah, you don’t. He’s this German singer (plus 12-man band/’palace orchestra’) who mainly does songs from the 1920s, but also covers contemporary pop songs and writes own songs in that style. Here‘s him singing ‘Oops, I did it again’, but like I said, most of his stuff are covers from the Roaring Twenties. He’s also… very stoic. Like, he stands there, or leans against the grand piano, and he doesn’t move anything but his face. Especially his eyebrow. Omg, the eyebrow. So, yeah, he’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

    Plus, he played at Marilyn Manson’s wedding. Cause Marilyn Manson said it would either be them, or no music at all. Which is pretty much the most hysterical juxtaposition of styles I have ever heard about.

    And no, not yet. I only figured this out last night, and the teams both practice on Saturdays, and I don’t have time this week because I’m going to see Bach’s Mass in B-minor this Saturday, but… yeah. I kinda want to.

  • Ooh, I’ll click and watch, but that sounds really awesome :). Sexy eyebrows too? Rawr.

    Good luck finding somewhere to play!

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