Back in Black

November 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

So, this knitting blog has definitely deteriorated into a moping-slash-cooking-slash-everything-but-knitting blog. Which made it sound like I didn’t get any knitting done recently, which is simply untrue.

Granted, I didn’t work my fingers bloody or anything, but I did some pretty awesome stuff.


IMG_6084 IMG_6088 IMG_6093

These are Supernatural-themed washclothes, even though the colors are less than Winchester-y. Dean and Sam call each other Bitch and Jerk, which are the big ones, and I managed to squeeze another small cloth out of the purple leftovers. It says God. Because I have this theory that John Winchester? Is totally god. (Or Bobby. Who knows.)

The Bitch cloth was the first one, and took forever. I charted the letters about seven times, and ripped the cloth back to the garter ridges five or six times, because I could not for the life of me figure out how much space I was gonna have to put before and after to center the word. Sigh. But, it turned out fine, and I’m very much enchanted by the Jerk cloth.

Christian wants some. Easy Christmas present, I’d say :D Maybe in more manly colors. (Although, Dean’s eyes are green, and both of them get beaten up constantly, possibly resulting in purple bruises.)

And then! The thing I’m really proud of. Well, I’m also proud of the cloths, and I’ll chart them out in Excel and put them online…

Opus Spicatum!

I haven’t done fair isle in forever, and there’s gonna be some stranded work in the sweater I’m planning, and I wanted to see if I could still do it… turns out, I can.


The biggest problem with this one? Was the ribbing, honest to god. I started out on 4mm, which was a mm down from the recommended needle size, and when I realized it was a bit too stretchy, switched down to 3.5mm after the first row. Thing was… 3.5 was what got me on gauge, and the ribbing was kinda wonky. So I decided to redo it. But I’d already done like four or five rows of stranded work, so I decided to cut into the ribbing, unravel it from the middle, and knit on the other side.

What a nightmare. I did it… but it took forever. And then the cast-off was even worse… I think I ripped that one back at least eight times. Sigh. But it turned out okay, and while the k1, *k1, slip back to left needle, k2tog, rep from * looks a bit crappy and wavy with the 1×1, it actually looks pretty okay when the ribbing is stretched out.

So, yeah. Colorwork. Tremendous fun. Last night was actually the first night in a while that I knit for the sheer pleasure of it, with just a little music in the background, instead of knitting out of habit and because I can’t sit still while watching a movie and talking with my friends.

Good times.



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§ 2 Responses to Back in Black

  • Haha, the cloths are absolutely fantastic. The Opus is very nice. And very, very fuzzy :)

  • wollphilie says:

    heh, thank you!

    yes, the Opus is very fuzzy. It is also very close to being done, although I’m almost debating whether to maybe rip it back to before the decreases and make it a bit bigger. (This is only a vague idea though, I’ll probably bite my finger off rather than rip that one!)

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