Dort tanzt Lu-Lu!

November 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

Okay. Triple post today. Whatever.


IT WAS AWESOME. They didn’t do anything significantly after 1930, and I do love their pop song covers, but… man. Brilliant, anyway. And so, so stylish, with their tuxes and Max Raabe himself in tails, for god’s sake. And the voice! The style! The understatement! The way you could HEAR his facial expressions, and the way he had the audience cracking up with one word. Which was ‘often’.

‘Singing a love song in your lover’s brain goes straight into the… pineal gland. And from there, via the cerebrum, into the cerebellum, if you want to know it exactly. And so the cerebellum doesn’t roll around like a marble in a big bowl, the rest of the space is taken up by the cerebrum. [Long, rhetoric pause, then deadpan] … often.’


So, yes. The title of the tour is ‘Heute Nacht oder nie’ (tonight or never), and it was mostly songs about men and women and love and the general confusion that comes with that. (Which is funny, since I and some other sources are pretty sure he’s very much gay, but hey. Who cares.)

The crazy thing is… everyone in that band? Demonstrated they play at least three instruments at least reasonably well, AND they can all sing. And the guy who played the banjo (and guitar, and one of the violins) rocked the whole thing. He was kind of doing all the great rock gestures, only… in a tux, and sitting down, and with the banjo.

Did I mention they had a sousaphone? And a xylophone? And… bells? And a big ol’ stand-up bass? And… everything?


And I wore the Monster. I mean Muir. It is, as it turns out, really very much too large to be anywhere near practical, but it is warm and awesome and really, after the amount of time I spent making it, there was no way I was NOT wearing it.


So, yes. We’re buying tickets for next April.


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