Zwischen Mehl und Milch

November 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

Advent is just on our doorstep, and since my first Advent weekend has just started, I decided to bake some cookies. Two kinds, both perennial favorites in my family: tons of Schokolis and vanilla crescents are traditionally baked around this time, and then just before Christmas, we have to rebake because they’re mysteriously all gone.

The Schokolis are all but done – they’re little chocolatey balls with a hazelnut inside, and all that’s left to do is for them to cool off enough so I can coat them with chocolate. Mmh. The dough for the vanilla crescents is still resting in the fridge, and as soon as I’m done messing around with the chocolate, I’m making those.

So, by far, I’m still not done – but I have some downtime right now, cause you don’t hurry cooling – but I wanted to share a couple of impressions from the last day or so, cause the Christmas market opened last night and… Christmas is coming, baby!


IMG_6339 IMG_6345

Christian, yours truly, and Saskia, just before we got kinda smashed on hot cider. | Augusteum in the morning light


Adjusting my color scheme.

IMG_6363 IMG_6378

Hazelnuts prior to roasting | baking cocoa


Beating butter till my arms hurt. Beating butter, by the way, is not a euphemism. I wish!

IMG_6388 IMG_6397

Roasted hazelnuts | Schokolis not quite as Prussian and orderly as I would’ve liked them to be


There’s a reason my family always makes at least a double batch.


Yesterday sucked, sunset-wise (and generally weather-wise, let’s be honest), but today… man.

Oh! And also… the original Winchester Washcloth charts.

IMG_6415 IMG_6417

Red and green just contrast well, it’s not Christmas colors on purpose | After dicking around with the big ones for what felt like forever, I decided to do some actual math for the small one.


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§ 4 Responses to Zwischen Mehl und Milch

  • Oh my heavens. Your Holiday baking is making me drool. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Do you like Eggnog?

  • wollphilie says:

    hell yeah I like eggnog! It’s not very traditional here in Germany, but I’m still trying to find a good recipe so I can make some this year!

  • Starbucks here makes the most amazing chai-eggnog latte! I got one pure pure eggnog the other day. Mmm…

  • wollphilie says:

    aw, shucks! I wish they had that here… here, we have gingerbread latte, toffee nut latte and dark cherry something-or-other latte for the holiday season, but I still stick to me grande chai tea latte with a shot of espresso and three pumps of vanilla syrup…

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