Feels like we’re running out of time

December 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

My parents are coming tomorrow.

For the first time since they helped me move, over a year ago. The first time they’re seeing this apartment as my home. I’ve been pretty much freaking out for the past week, and while it’s scared some productivity into me, it’s also driving me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Which is, well, not quite what I’d like to spend the holiday season like.

But at least the windows are clean, every inch of the floor is vacuumed and wet-swept, and if there’s a shitton of bottles and jars we haven’t gotten around to recycling yet, well, I’ll just ignore those. The chili for tomorrow is already done (prize-winning recipe from Texas, featuring beer, coffee and baking cocoa. it’s actually pretty amazing) and I’m hoping I don’t screw the Welsh Impossible Cake up tomorrow. In an emergency, I could always whip up some muffins.

Maybe I should buy some cake, just in case.

Anyway, in the ways of knitting, this week has had its upsides and downsides. I did finish Saskia’s socks – during a reading of three Sherlock Holmes short stories, which was awesome – but on the other hand, I had almost finished  the WWII watchcap when I realized I’d run out of yarn. So I messed around with a different-color stripe on the top, but it looked amateurish and terrible and, long story short, I ripped it back. And started back up again, in the small size instead of large, and it’s still plenty big. And if not… sigh, I’ll just rip it back another time and make the medium. (Yet another thing I’d appreciate if it didn’t come to pass. No, really.)

I ordered the Yarn Harlot’s Never not knitting page-a-day calender, and it’s pretty damn awesome. So I guess that’s one good thing.

Oh god, my parents are coming tomorrow. I think I’ll just sit. And watch something mindless and violent. And knit on a hat that’s supposed to be finished.



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