Dynamite with a laser beam

December 7, 2009 § 10 Comments

Man, Saskia and I are total bitches.

We… don’t really get along with our temporary roomie, who’s a nice enough guy but asks weird and pointless questions. A lot. The most prominent and most frequently mocked of which is ‘But is it the HISTORICAL xyz?’. Since, when we were watching the BBC series Merlin (in which Merlin is as old as Arthur and Gwenhyfar is not only black but also Morgana’s maidservant and it’s generally a very loose spin on the whole topic and there’s a freaking DRAGON) the conversation went something like this:

him: ‘But that’s the historical Arthur, right?’
us: ‘No, there probably wasn’t a historical Arthur, but he might very well be a mash-up of several kings, embellished with your usual medieval magic glitter.’
him: ‘But that’s the historical Uther, right?’
us: ‘… Uther is Arthur’s father. If Arthur wasn’t real, there’s a good chance Uther wasn’t either.’
him: ‘But this is not like the original story!’
us: ‘There is no original story, there are several versions.’
him: ‘But this is the historical Gwenhyfar, right?’
us: ‘Aaaaaaaah!’

So now, every time there’s anything and he is out of earshot, Saskia and I go all ‘But this is the historical Mary Poppins/Brad Pitt/chili con carne/beanie pattern/computer, right?’

And last night I was very much annoyed with the world at large and him in particular, and was venting at Saskia, and she mistyped ‘historisch’  (which is German for historical) into ‘histrosch’.

Which sounds like a stew. Like borshch.

So today, we gave life to the name, and made histrosch.


It’s quite simple, really. A nice chunk of beef shoulder, boiled for about two hours to make a nice base broth, then I added three large potatoes, diced, 100g of lentils, some bacon, and five minutes before the potatoes were done, a big can of white beans and a small can of kidney beans. Condiments: salt, pepper, garlic, caraway, hint of nutmeg, lots of parsley and mirepoix. (Never make soup without mirepoix. It’s onions, carrots and celery, you can buy it ready-made, and it spices up even the most boring noodle soup in a mug. It’s a miracle ingredient.)

It tastes very… German. Heh. But no, really, most of what’s considered traditional German food is kinda heavy. Lots of vegetable and beef stews, lots of potatoes, lots of gravy. It’s the food that is very satisfying to eat in winter, when it’s cold and gross outside and all you want is some thick, savory soup in you. And this is it.

Other awesome stuff that are total staples in not only my household, but my mother’s and my mother’s mother’s and possibly several generations back. My mother’s side of the family, a worker family all the way.

IMG_6550 IMG_6542

Rye bread, smoked ham, Krautsalat (cole slaw, with vinegar instead of mayo) and a sunny side up egg on top. || Noodle soup. My mother makes this from scratch and with actual chunks of meat in it (and alphabet noodles), I make it with straight noodles and instant stock.


Things that have not touched the oven but are still warm as hell and well done:

IMG_6622 IMG_6623

the beanie – go me.


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§ 10 Responses to Dynamite with a laser beam

  • The food is shmexy. And looks delicious.

    The hat looks sooo comfy, I love it.

    Sorry to hear about the roommate. When’s he leaving ? :P

  • wollphilie says:

    The hat is possibly the most comfortable thing I own. Seriously. Make one!
    You know, in retrospect, it’s probably a good thing I ran out of yarn for the large size, because that was a whoppin’ 16 stitches larger than the small size, which fits me perfectly. I wish I’d known that when I was silently fuming at myself for being so stupid as to run out of yarn XD

    He’s leaving the end of January. I’d make a countdown calender and cross off the days, but… that’s a little obvious.

    Then again, I have my pocket planners… hmmm… XD

  • Pocket planner sounds excellent.

    I will certainly make a beanie. It is nommable.

    I have a question. It’s an odd one, I know. What’s ‘they are worse than animals’ in German?

  • wollphilie says:

    hahaha. what’s it for? (it’s ‘sie sind schlimmer als Tiere’ though)

    DO EEEET. Beanies are great. This one’s just so oversized and not at all artsy. You know, the last couple of hats I made, they were all pretty and awesome, but this one’s just really, really comfy.

  • It’s a french project, and I’m failing to draw a propaganda poster.

    Lol, what weight is the yarn? I must stashdive.

  • wollphilie says:

    it’s a little less than 100g of worsted weight, on 4.5mm/US7 needles… pattern’s on ravrav here. Heed my orders! :D

  • Lol, I *just* got US7s the other day :). Perfect timing!

  • wollphilie says:

    see? you and this beanie, you were meant to be!

  • Haha, ’til death/frogging do us part XD.

  • wollphilie says:

    haha. I have to say this is so easy, it’s probably impossible to screw it up if you’re not, you know, me XD

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