I can’t get no satisfaction

December 7, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’m the tiniest bit dissatisfied.

I don’t even know why. My parents are gone (I love them, but hell, are they exhausting, especially when they can’t stop nagging about my apartment), I got some studying done, I just watched some Merlin and Mary Poppins with Saskia… technically, good times.

But right now, I have the feeling that knitting-wise, everything I touch turns to shit. I did get my Bad Hair Beanie done – but I did the decreases twice tonight, because after the first time, the hat was just a tad too short. So I ripped it back. Of course.

Then, after, I cast on some socks. In the crazy-colored Trekking I’ve been looking forward to knitting, except I cast on three times, got past the ribbing twice, and ripped back three rows of pattern that I hated three times. Well, twice, but tomorrow will see another ripping. Ugh.

And then my grandma’s christmas present… I don’t even know what possessed me to get two shades of pink, and only 50g of each… I guess I was planning on a Baktus all along. Well, I tried entrelac (unsuccessfully), the Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf (gorgeous stitch pattern, but doesn’t work with stripes), something of my own doing, a bias scarf with one-row stripes… I give up. I concede. I cast on another Baktus. Sigh.

Honestly, this is one of the days where I wonder why I even bother knitting. It just makes me stress out unnecessarily.

But I know that tomorrow morning, when I leave the house and my hands and neck and feet and hands are warm and cozy, I’ll have at least four reasons.


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§ 2 Responses to I can’t get no satisfaction

  • Mary Poppins is the best remedy.

    And LIES. You are a fabulous knitter, and you should know I covet everything you knit. That ocean’s pretty handy. I can’t wait to see the next beautiful project :).

  • wollphilie says:

    well, that’s certainly the best ego-boost I’ve gotten in a while, thank you!

    But honestly, as much as I photograph my food obsessively, I rarely take pictures of knitted stuff until I’m fairly certain they’re gonna work out that way. I don’t like to advertise my failures too much :P And right now… right now, it’s just pouring down stuff that doesn’t work out. that’s what I get for buying the yarn first and asking questions later…

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