She bring me love, love

January 28, 2010 § 5 Comments

… or in this case, deliciousness.

Seriously, I should just bite the bullet and rename this blog Gluttony and Foodwhoring.

Sorry for the recent lack of knitting, honestly. But somehow, cooking (not even really eating, mostly just the cooking) relieves my pre-exam stress more than knitting. Knitting, these days, seems to cause stress instead of getting rid of it. And blogging about my lack of knitting and the recent overabundance of relatively fancy and time-consuming foodstuffs is another perfect method of procrastination. So, yeah.

Anyway. So last night, we made Feuerzangenbowle. Which is where you take red wine, put a bunch of spices and orange juice into it, heat it, pour it into a big ol’ bowl, set a rum-soaked sugar cone on top of that… and light the sugar cone.

Yeah. It’s just as bad-ass as it sounds.


Plus, when you pour some more rum over it, the flames go from otherworldly-blue to, well, flame-colored. Guess what Saskia did as long as it was still burning.



And once the sugar cone has melted and dripped down into the red wine, and once the flames have stopped licking around the rim of the bowl… you drink it. And get really drunk really fast. But it’s awesome. Even if our fortunately-soon-leaving roommate was there (but nothing’s so bad after a couple glasses of this stuff)

And then this morning, to sop up any remaining alcohol, I got out the very last vestiges of the chili from the other day, added a handful of chopped rocket, and another handful of shredded gouda cheese, to make something I call ‘Chili Salad’ but is really just chili and rocket and cheese. Cause rocket is my current favorite ingredient for everything, from soups to salad to little rolls of cheese and ham and mayonnaise with rocket in the middle.


And most importantly, had another go at making tortillas. This time, I replaced half the flour with corn flour, which gave another dimension of deliciousness to the tortillas. They’re not particularly pretty, but especially in this case, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


And when the chili salad and the tortillas came together to form chili-salad-and-tortillas – man. I could’ve died happily. Plus, with less white flour, the whole thing almost counts as a semi-healthy-if-you-squint-a-little breakfast.


Oooooh yeah. That right there, that’s what happiness is made of.

(In the background: Voluntary Madness by Norah Vincent. She’s the author of Self-Made Man, one of my favorite non-fiction books ever, and her second books is an engaging read, too. After last week’s Supernatural being set in a mental institution, I wanted to learn more, and when I heard that Norah Vincent had gone to three different loony bins undercover and written about her experiences – well, how could I have resisted buying that book.)

Now, excuse me. The kitchen is trashed, and I’m hoping it’ll take me at least an hour to clean it. Anything to procrastinate.


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