Hold on to this feeling

February 1, 2010 § 6 Comments

Exciting news: I finished stuff today! Amazing, I know.

Stuff being my little scarflette in bulky handspun yarn (no photos yet, sorry) and my rainbow bright Rainy Day Socks.


I haven’t woven the ends in yet, but… eh. I’ll do that tomorrow. Ish. Who knows. Also, I joined the new sweater into the round, and I’m below bust level. The Weasley sweater is dyed and dry in my wardrobe, even though it looks a bit like camo. I’m thinking about dyeing it again, in the hope that it sticks more to the yellow patches, but really… part of me is considering just leaving it as is, duplicate stitch a big ol’ P on it, and be done with it. It’s a boxy drop-shoulder sweater anyway, which means comfy sweater, which means not likely to be worn outside the house. Plus the geek factor of the whole Weasley sweater thing. So, yeah.

Also, the most amazing thing about today: the good guys are back. Sassi, and…


… the dog. Wave. The Plüschplüsch. Who’s fuzzy and squooshy and cuddly right down to his big, fuzzy paws.


It’s been a good day today. Apart from where the whole apartment is already littered with dog hair. And I brushed the hell of that dog already, and when I say hell, I mean at least 10g or so of fluffy dog hair just waiting to be spun up. Now, if I only had my spindle here.


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