Belting out Sunlight

March 30, 2010 § 4 Comments


I have a new orchid. It’s gorgeous. I originally wanted a white one, but this one was just too huge and pretty to turn down. And when the sun was out in full force today, I took a couple of pictures.

Speaking of being out in full force… Ricky Martin came out via his blog yesterday. Which, huh. I guess the only ones truly surprised are a couple of grandmas in Iceland, but still, I wouldn’t exactly have expected it. Especially not so beautifully worded, in English too but in Spanish even more so: “Hoy ACEPTO MI HOMOSEXUALIDAD como un regalo que me da la vida. ¡Me siento bendecido de ser quien soy!” (Today I accept my homosexuality as a gift that life gives me. I am blessed to be who I am!)

Now. Less pop culture, more knitting. The Swallowtail Stole, aka Python: Norwegian Blue. Yesterday I tried my hand at the set-up round again, finished that one and the plain round after that, and then realized… I hadn’t started or ended the second long side with the edge stitches, but jumped straight into the pattern. So I decided, screw it, and did this:


And when I cast on again, I’d learned from my previous mistakes. I left a long tail to sew the middle together in the end. I put down markers every 30 sts on the long sides, and between the sections where I needed them. Which, believe it or not, helped a lot. So now, just about 28 hours later, I have this:


Which doesn’t look like much, but here’s a secret: I actually have twice that width. Cause I’m just that awesome.


I just pinned the middle together, and I really really hope it doesn’t look like that when I sew it… I might have to try it on a swatch before. For reference, I got the idea (and technique)  from The Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel. She has truly gorgeous designs in there, which were the reason for buying the book in the first place, and one day I’ll knit myself half a Balmoral thistle as a shawl. Since right now I’m gathering experience with having a gazillion stitches on my needles. Well, right now it’s ‘only’ around 400 (and I can’t believe I wrote ‘only, either), but it’s still enough to look like a lovely lacy ruffle on the cable of my circ.


One day I’ll have to make those lacy ruffle cuff thingies. I have a thing for pretty, lacy, delicate, girly, useless things, which is… basically the opposite of everything else I wear. But who says butch-ish girls can’t enjoy pretty things?


Even if I enjoy a good breakfast even more. (Seriously, best breakfast ever.)



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§ 4 Responses to Belting out Sunlight

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    Breakfast does look yummy!

    I love your orchid. It’s so… I dunno, it’s the epitome of spring :).

    Good job with the Swallowtail, I really like the colour.

  • wollphilie says:

    I know, right! I love orchids, they just make me happy. or, well, they would if I could get them to actually bloom more than once, but my room is just too cold for that. sigh. but that’s why I buy new ones :D

    and thanks :) the Swallowtail’s really coming along, but I have a feeling I might have undercalculated the normal length of a stole. well, it’s not like I don’t have enough time for another shawl, if it should come to that.

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    Does your kitchen get more sunlight? The orchid might live longer there, if it does.

  • wollphilie says:

    unfortunately, the kitchen is the darkest room in the apartment, apart from the hallway. it only has one smallish window, and the big storage shelf is right in front of it… no, no, summer’s not that far away :D

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