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April 2, 2010 § 4 Comments


It’s funny how fast Leipzig has become home. I’ve lived here for a year and a half, I’ve called it home for almost as long. When I visit my parents, it’s home too – but within one or two days, I start missing Leipzig, my flat, my roomies… my home. So, over the past couple of days, I’ve been traipsing around the apartment, photographing all the little personal touches here and there, and when I looked through the photos, I realized… hey, I should share this. In fact, everybody should share this. There should be this giant showballing chain of people all over the world, sharing the quirky things in they cherish, to show that you don’t need bearskin rugs or open fireplaces or handcrafted designer furniture to be happy.

So, here goes.

Quirky Things Around My Home, Part One: My Room
(All photos are clickable for bigger versions)

1. The header photo is the top shelf of a shelving unit right across from my bed. It’s the thing I see most, over the day, so I try to keep it decorated. While the orchids are rather conventional design features, most of the other stuff one there isn’t.


2. With the new movie, is Star Trek still geeky? Or is it mainstream now? Either way, Spock and Bones live in a shelter of orchid leaves. Saskia has Kirk and Scotty, and we bought the four of them at Burger King during the last Wave Gothic. It was a good day. Knitting colorful socks in the middle of a black-clothed crowd drew stares. Bones used to say ‘I’m a doctor, not a physician’ before the batteries ran out, which was a hilarious translation mistake, since the original English physicist and physician are apparently too similar to have any difference in meaning.


3. Right next to the Enterprise staff is a bowl with two skeins of pretty wool in it. Don’t judge me. The green one especially is just too pretty to be cooped up in my stash.


4. Now this, this may not look like anything special. But in fact, it’s a mason glass full of good memories. Every one of these pieces of paper has a good or a happy memory on it, so that if I’m down, I can just draw a few out, read them, and be reminded how much my life doesn’t suck, as a whole. It’s almost full. I haven’t needed it in a long time.


5. A spindle with spun dog hair. There’s a bag of unspun hair in the hall, which we add to every time we brush the dog. It’s the second time I’m spinning dog hair, and this time around, I have a lot more material to work with.


6. All my smartypants books, organized in a time line from Ancient Egypt (on the right) to modern Western society (on the left). Actually, it’s not all my smartypants books, there’s a couple missing where my old Latin textbook is leaning. Still, it’s pretty chock-full. I’m pretty proud of that timeline. I don’t even remember what I used to have on that shelf before that.


7. This is the first deco I installed when I moved here. It’s a big piece of fabric nailed to the wall, with all kinds of stuff hanging on it. Postcards, ticket stubs, bookmarks, the odd photo, Castiel with crap doodled all over him, handcuffs I got at a party… I started out with about 20 postcards and a lot of empty fabric, now I barely remember the pattern at all.


8. The reason there’s not a lot of photos in the collage is because I like my photos to be organized and displayed. Like here. On the right is my Winter frame, on the left my new Summer frame. Most photos were taken in and around Leipzig, except for the sunflower (which is from my parents’ garden) and the Union Jack (which is from London). The rest of the Summer pictures is from our big day at the lake, which to date is one of the most perfect days I’ve ever had. I’m still planning corresponding Spring and Autumn frames, but I’m still patiently collecting photos for those.


9. It’s no secret I like knitting shawls and scarves. I also don’t have a lot of storage space. So I hung them on my wardrobe door and pretended they’re a Design Feature.


10. A jewelry tree. Immensely useful. (There’s knit hairbands on there, too. This is somewhat of a theme.) My maternal grandma bought me the green necklace, I inherited the amber necklace from my paternal grandma.


11. I bought this wooden hand in a market when I was in Portugal with my parents years ago. I don’t know where I got the physalis from, maybe my mother gave them to me, but it’s been permanent deco for at least five or six years.

IMG_7811 IMG_7809 IMG_7799

12. There’s random bits of knitting everywhere in this apartment. The green rectangle is the first thing Christian knit, the white flowers were left over from the white Amelia Earhardt I gave to Sassi, the pompom used to hang from our kitchen lamp until we got a new one.

IMG_7953 IMG_7954

13. The little crochet flowers, by the way, hang from my Caution: Moose magnetic board. Yes, that’s a cardboard steak hanging from it. It was a prop in the 2006 production of ‘The Fiddler on the Roof’ when I was in the US, and I stole it from the music room afterwards. Speaking of Fiddler, I’m wearing the t-shirt today. Man, those were good times. Really good times. Even more awesome, the steak was made by Adam, who remains my best friend over the pond. The little red thingie I bought at the Camden Locks in London last September.


14. Have you been wondering what people do with spun dog hair ever since I showed the photo of the spindle? Well, that’s what people do with it. Well, what one of my roomies does with it: She makes dream catchers. It’s my belated birthday present, I just got it today.


15. The other thing right next to my bed is my stash cabinet. It doubles as a laptop stand. I won’t go into detail. I don’t have to. It’s my Stash.


16. Right next to my door, there’s another shelf, and one of the four boxes is occupied by hats. I just toss ’em in there. I try to organize them now and again, but it’s kind of a futile effort. I have a lot of hats.


17. Yes, I have an American flag. Yup. My sister got it in NYC, I nicked it. She hasn’t missed it as of yet, and it’s been… well, it’s been almost four years, so, yeah.


18. The mess on my desk. Now, I’m very partial to the mess on my desk. I like it, it’s the kind of chaos where everything is exactly where it should be, except for darning needles, which always go missing. Right there you have a wild mix between two boxes of vocab (around 800 cards each), two DVDs (Narnia and Supernatural Season 4), the Yarn Harlot’s calender, my Latin dictionary, the cool piercing jewelry my sister gave me for my birthday, my Pirates of the Caribbean card deck I got in the Disney store in NYC, a stray stitch marker, Alfred the external harddrive… you name it, it’s probably somewhere on my desk.


19. The view from my window. This is actually an old picture, but honestly, with at least 200+ views like that per year, it doesn’t really matter. The view is a big part of why I moved to an otherwise not-that-awesome neighborhood. The sun shines in here all day, and at least two hours a day there’s sunlight right on my bed. And occasionally, the light falls just right to hit the mini disco ball under my lamp and bathes the room with sparkles.


20. The mini disco ball under my lamp. When the light falls in just right, it bathes the room with sparkles. I got it on a whim when I was still living with my parents, and I wanted to hang it on the rearview mirror in the car, but my father refused. Unfortunately, I think. When I have a car on my own, I’ll make sure to have a disco ball in there. Possibly a full-sized one.

(Part Two)


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§ 4 Responses to Home is where the heart is…

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    I love this :). Is your whole flat that shade of green? It’s fantastic :D.

    My question about the fabric art deco thing… Is it actually just fabric nailed to the wall? How do you attach everything to it?

    The hat box sounds like my sock drawer. Feeble attempts to maintain order are quickly shunned, and the socks burrow deeper in the heap, and mismatch themselves, while losing their mates. :D.

  • wollphilie says:

    no, that’s just my room. the kitchen is green too, but a more pastel-y shade, and one of my roomies has a green wall in a similar color. The hall and my other roomie’s room are soft yellow-orangey tones. but yes, that green is fantastic :D it actually turned out quite a bit brighter than anticipated, but I wouldn’t want any other color now.

    and yes, it’s just fabric nailed to the wall. It’s actually twice as wide and hung double for stability, with nails every foot or so. The stuff on it is hung with plain metal paperclips, you can just poke them through the fabric and then clip the paper into them.

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    Ah. But the whole flat is a very warm colour palette.

    Hunh. That’s a very interesting idea.

  • wollphilie says:

    well, the big advantage is that you don’t poke holes in the cards and stuff, and it’s easy to rearrange or replace them – just pull them out of the paperclip. the downside is that it can be tricky having cards overlap or layer the exact way you want them to – but you get used to it eventually.

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