… so your real home’s in your chest

April 2, 2010 § 10 Comments


(Part One)

Quirky Things Around My Home, Part Two: The Rest
(Again, all photos clickable for bigger versions)


1. This is the sign on the outside of my door. It says ‘The Internet’ because it amuses me to be able to say ‘I’m gonna go look something up in the internet’ (in is the preposition you use with internet in German, as opposed to the equivalent to on. Honestly, it’s funny in German.). I think it got wet when somebody hung a bathrobe over it to dry, and I keep meaning to replace it, but it’s one of those things that just slip my mind, and, eh.


2. I got these metal cocktail signs for my 19th birthday, along with a book full of cocktail recipe. To date I have yet to try one of them out, but I’m sure that one day, I will. Until then, they look awesome above the kitchen table. I think they’re the first deco I installed outside my room.


3. the little post-its are the last remnant of the time when we learned the words for stuff related to food in Spanish: I got this crazy idea that if I labeled every damn thing in our kitchen, it’d be easier to learn the words. When the whole kitchen was pink with post-its, Saskia followed suit and labeled stuff with Chinese vocab. This particular one means ‘alcohol’, if I remember correctly. It might say something completely different.


4. The Doctor Who calender I bought at a big HMV in London. Ten is My Doctor, so I squeed and didn’t think twice about buying the calender. Next to it are the basement keys and Saskia’s schedule – mine used to hang there too until it fell off, but I put my new one up just today.

IMG_7792 IMG_7794

5. More potholders than anyone could ever use. There’s the four you see, plus two that Saskia made. Those are blue and yellow, or at least they were until the blue ran terribly in the laundry and turned the yellow greenish. The other ones are the double-knit potholder from last week, the TARDIS potholder, and the two faces. I can’t decide if I should find the faces incredibly amusing or incredibly freaky. Either way, they’ve been here longer than me, and they’re probably the most frequently used. They’re damn good potholders. Knitting, crochet AND embroidery. Something was going crazy.


6. Mason jars. They’re mine, technically, even though everybody uses the pasta in the pasta jar. And everybody would be using the sugar and flour and baking powder/yeast/vanilla sugar, if anyone except me baked. Ever.


7. Our awesome new egg timer. It’s a time machine with a dinosaur from the Nichtlustig cartoons, which I got at the Leipzig book fair the other week. The fair was amazing, the clock was free with the purchase of a Nichtlustig book. The instructions say that the time machine works like this: you set the amount of time you want to travel to the future, and when it rings, you’re there!


8. The big photographs of food, plus a gazillion spiced wine bottles from last winter. *facepalm* I do have to say, I kind of dig them, plus honestly, I don’t want to drag them the mile or so to the next glass container. So – design feature.


9. The gazillion mugs we have. In every size, and every color. There’s one my sister gave me, a set of four I got from my mother that we used at home for years, two I brought back from the North Sea, huge ones I got on a whim, and, yes, a couple that aren’t actually mine but those of my roommates.


10. Random Crap stuck to the fridge. Farther down, there’s a button saying ‘Did you check if your really turned the light off?’. The middle one was the first, a culinary play on iPods, then came the left one, reminiscent of the general tone in the apartment, and then came the big sticker, which was in a pan Saskia bought. The name of the pan was ‘Salsa’. Saskia is a dance nerd. The salad photo didn’t make it into the Summer frame in my room.


11. The coat rack. Photos of all of us, more post-its with Spanish and Chinese words on them, lots of, well, coats and jackets. And handknit scarves, surprisingly enough. Man, it was a bitch to drag that thing through the city, but we met with Christian on Augustusplatz and spend an amazing couple of hours cooling our feet in the fountain, taking pictures, and generally enjoying summer. And then Saskia and I stole a trolley from Netto to take that coat rack and our bags and our groceries home.


12. The fairy lights in our bathroom. We hung them for Christmas, but they’re not coming off anytime soon. It’s just so much nicer to bathe with them and a couple of candles instead of the bright overhead lamp.


13. This is the photo that started it all: the books that are stored next to the toilet. All three of us have this tendency to take a lot of bubble baths, where books are absolutely required, but I for one am easily bored, so I like to keep reading material anywhere I might need distraction. And then Saskia started to add her books to the pile, and it just went downhill from there.


Now. I’ve shown you all these little things that make me feel like I’m at home. I’ve omitted a few, like my rugs, cause those aren’t very interesting to photograph, or my baking, because I don’t like to be photographed while I bake, but my point is: there are three things I’ve purposely kept till the end. The three things that could make a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, or a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat seem like a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.


14. Wave. He’s not even my dog, and yet something’s missing when you don’t trip over him every other time you lift a foot. And last but not least…


15. The Saskias. Them crazy bitches I spend almost every waking minute with, that I laugh with, that I live with, and that I quite frankly love living with, even tough sometimes I want nothing more than to strangle them with their own underpants.


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§ 10 Responses to … so your real home’s in your chest

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    I really like this post :). Your apartment is reeeeeally nice.

    I love the timer, and the rationale behind it. It’s funny :). Wave is ADORABLE. Snorgle him for me!

    I like the idea of having a nice bubble bath with a book, illuminated by tea lights.

  • wollphilie says:

    Thank you very much :) From the second I set foot in here I knew I wanted to move in here, even though in the first semester my roomies weren’t quite as awesome as my current ones.

    man, the most exciting thing about the egg timer, to be honest, is the fact that we have one now! we used to just look at the clocks, which worked well enough most of the time, but… you know how it is, you do stuff on the internet and suddenly the kitchen is burning.

    and yes, that is exactly the reason why there’s a person taking a bubble bath almost every day in this apartment. I’m honestly afraid of our water bill.

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    When I make eggs, I tend to be glued to the pan. I don’t leave until my eggs are finished, because I reeeeeeeaaally hate the taste of overcooked eggs. But I do understand the doing something online, and then winding up with the smoke alarm wailing.

    Did you watch the new Doctor Who? Apparently, the first episode aired today.

  • wollphilie says:

    psst, I don’t really cook with the fire alarm ;) and I’ve only made eggs with them once, they’re handy for cooking and baking, too. I made Welsh Honey Lamb yesterday for Easter and I was damn glad I had that timer.

    nope, haven’t watched it yet, but I’m downloading it right now.

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    :O! It’s a law in Ottawa that your fire alarm has to be working. I don’t know what the consequences are if it isn’t… :P

    Ooh, that sounds delicious!

    And tell me about it when you see it!

  • wollphilie says:

    just to clarify, cause somehow that sentence in the previous post kinda got away from me… I don’t burn things in the kitchen. not only because I have a kitchen timer now, but also because my room is the one opposite the kitchen and even if you forget about your stuff, it’s the first room you can smell when something goes wrong. which is usually just in time to still save it. So, yeah.

    You know how I wasn’t that excited about Matt Smith and being convinced he was gonna ruin DW forever and ever and thinking he looked ridiculous?

    MATT SMITH IS FUCKING AMAZING!!! oh my god. it was SO good! I mean, DT is my doctor, but wow, Matt Smith was brilliant. He kept some DT mannerisms but really made the character his own beyond the occasional nod (like the WHAT.) and Amy Pond is pretty cool and the TARDIS isn’t as ugly as I thought it was from a couple of promo shots and A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL. Seriously, I’m impressed, and I can’t believe I actually have to wait a week between the episodes.

    And the trailer for the rest of the series! River Song! Woot! I’m very excited.

  • Toile-dAraignee says:

    Oh, I’d figured out that you didn’t burn things in the kitchen. You seem pretty pro :)

    OH MY GOD. I have to watch this friggin’ episode! Is it online anywhere? WAAANT!

  • wollphilie says:

    oh, okay :)

    I’m pretty sure it’s up on youtube somewhere, and if it’s not, it’s probably on surfthechannel. dot com. I mean, ahem…

  • Toile-dAraignee says:


    omfg. Matt Smith. Phwoar.

  • wollphilie says:


    also, the scene with all the Doctors flashing… oh boy.

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