Oh, the cleverness of me

June 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Dudes! (and dudettes, but then again, I tend to use expletives in a gender-neutral sense)

I finished the dot-y part of the front of my Dalek vest last night!


I just wanted to show this off in a moment of zen and happy pride, before I wrestle with the bust section. I still have a small garter-stitch section to go, and an eyelet row in the middle of that for a drawstring, but after that it’s even more intarsia, with even more bobbins, and I have a sinking feeling I’ll have to come up with something better than my freezer-bag solution.


Still, it could be worse.On the left are my preliminary sketches from a week ago, when I tweeted things like tentatively charted middle section of dalek vest. it now involves fair isle as well as intarsia. and maybe intarsia with 36 bobbins. The good news is that I held my sketch against the finished bottom section (since it’s almost 1:1, with a quarter stitch to the inch difference), and then asked Saskia, and looked at some more Dalek pictures, and realized them panely-things were much wider than I’d remembered. So it’s only 2 per dot-repeat (note to self: need a better name for that) instead of 3.5, which means 6 total instead of 14, which is… a lot less bobbins to deal with.

The new design also blends better with the purl columns, which are the ones with the squiggly lines in them – I’m just adding another one in the middle of each dot-repeat, which should add some texture, stretch, and most of all, dark yarn, of which I have way more than of the light yarn. Granted, I still have 73 g of light for the front, and 150 (I think) for the back, but… I’m getting a little antsy.

Anyway. Yes. Zen and happy pride. And uni.


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