While the flatware’s entertaining

July 5, 2010 § 4 Comments

After a hectic weekend that necessitated 880 km worth of train travel to attend my sister’s graduation ball, I decided to cook something nice. Moussaka, to be precise. Which is delicious, and awesome, and summery, and one of my favorite layered dishes, even if it’s slightly more of a hassle than lasagna. But it’s worth it, every minute of standing in the hotter-than-hell kitchen.


(I love how food always looks so dramatic on black plates)

However, I may have been slightly over-enthusiastic while grocery shopping. Which resulted in me making an amount that would’ve fed about 5 or 6 people.


Bear in mind… there was a total of two people here for dinner. Ahem. My only excuse is that I was hungry when I was shopping. Which, I do admit, is not much of an excuse at all.

In other news, I’m about halfway up the first sleeve of Girl Friday, I finished the SALT line socks (no photo, sorry, but I promise the second one looks just like the first), and I cast on a new pair of socks in the random skein of test-dyed Zitron HandArt I grabbed when I bought the yarn for Girl Friday.


Plain, no-frills socks, 2.25 wood needles. I messed around with the heel a bit on the train journey back to Leipzig, placing the gusset decreases at the bottom, continuing the line from the short rows. It looked kinda cool, but then I realized my toe decreases are usually one of the first places to wear thin, plus I’d have to walk on those… so I frogged that back, and am now about halfway down the gusset.


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