Si no entiendes que hay aquí

July 8, 2010 § 2 Comments


I don’t think I’ve ever ripped back on a project as much as with the Girl Friday cardigan.

Some of the ripping was due to stupid mistakes or oversights, like making the front parts half a repeat too long (thereby reinforcing the knowledge that math, even in its most basic forms, has never been one of my stronger suits), or slanting the armhole decreases parallel to the edge instead of angled to it because that’s what I’m used to.

Some of it was due to good ideas gone slightly awry, like my brilliant plan to make the fronts of the sleeves a size bigger to match the deeper armhole of the front because I made the fronts slightly bigger – until I realized that, you know, it would be a lot easier – and a lot less a surefire recipe for disaster – if I just changed the armholes of the front parts to match the back.

My last rip was due to sheer laziness – after finishing the second sleeve, I ripped back the sleeve cap of #1, because I was too lazy to look up the correct way to do a ssp the first time ’round, and subsequently got slightly twisted p2togs, which also slanted in the wrong direction.

I’ve never had to rip back due to messing up the stitch pattern, thank god. I made a couple of minor mistakes here and there, but nothing that I couldn’t fix by dropping the offending stitch a row or two and picking it back up. (Or, like last night, by dropping a stitch down about 25 rows in 1×1 rib, because I hadn’t realized my needle had only caught one strand of the yarn instead of all eight. I had to get out the crochet hook for that one.)

I have ripped back due to my perfectionism kicking in, although that was mostly a factor among several. The only time it was the sole motivator was just now, when I ripped three rows more than I would’ve had to, when I noticed a bit of broken/split yarn. The amount of time I’m pouring into the damn thing, I should take the time to fix stupid stuff like that. And three rows to 41 stitches… puh-lease.

I started the second sleeve last night, got as far as the ribbing, and did the entire rest of it today. That’s about 75g of yarn I knit today, plus the sock I finished watching a movie in Spanish class today.

I think I’m gonna try and finish the first sleeve back up tonight, and then I’ll block at least parts of it tomorrow, all depending on how far I can go with my meager supply of pins.

And then it’s only putting the thing together, and knitting the shawl collar/button band, and maybe a belt, I haven’t decided yet.

The end is near, guys. Hooray for procrastination.



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