I’ll have you know I’m glad to be back

August 10, 2010 § 4 Comments


After a five-hour drive, I’m back, I’m back, I’m back in Leipzig. Cut loose from the noose and all that, and I’ve never been more relieved to see these green walls of mine. I’ve already done laundry and photographed my knitting and made myself a Southern Comfort with lemonade, and I’m enjoying the quiet of a flat that has just me in it. And the dog. And my freshly laundered, newly fluffy rugs. I could write about those some more (cause they’re fairly exciting, all white instead of greyish, except for that pink spot on one of them), but I’m also pretty sure y’all would prefer some knitty photos to my yabbering about rugs.

Even if they’re pretty rugs.


These are the old new socks, the ones I have finished and one of which my mother has already messed with. Or rather the velcro on her shoes. The little standy-uppy tuft is annoying, but I’m kind of hoping it’ll vanish with washing, so there’s that. Either way, they’re Zitron Trekking HandArt experimental tweed yarn, on 2.25mm Knitpicks, pattern is Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner. Quick, entertaining, I’ll have to wait and see how they hold up in shoes but very comfy nonetheless.

However, adding another pair of socks to my already vast collection means my new sock box is also becoming very full very fast.


Maybe I should retire some of the older, thinned-out socks to a bag or something so I can go on knitting new ones. Not yet though, Christmas is coming after all and I’m almost certain most of the socks I’ll be knitting in the near future won’t be for me. (I have one pair planned for Saskia already. Gosh, I’m excited for those, even though my knitting time on them will be restricted to when she’s not there.)

Speaking of new socks, the socks I started yesterday? Are kind of gorgeous, even if I just only finished the first half-repeat.


It’s new Zitron Trekking XXL from a line called Salz und Pfeffer (salt and pepper), color 436 (I love it when they have romantic names), and I’m pretty enchanted with the way it totally looks like grass, or fresh minced herbs, or any other sort of springy-summery nature stuff.

And now, and believe me when I say I wish I had it blocked, but that’s gonna have to wait until at least tomorrow… the thistle shawl.


My brain can’t wait to block it, but my back is already groaning.


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§ 4 Responses to I’ll have you know I’m glad to be back

  • Toile says:

    Welcome back!

    Ahh, I like the sock bin. I agree that you should take out the ones made thinner by constant wear, but I think you should darn then, and put them back in :).

    The new socks are gorgeous, what’s the pattern? I agree with you, I loooove the green.

    I can’t wait to see the shawl blocked, it looks splendiferous already!

  • wollphilie says:

    The problem with darning is that I have a lot of socks I don’t have any yarn left of because I used it in… sock yarn shawls. so that I wouldn’t have anything left -.-

    The sock pattern is Starflower, but I double-wrapped the slipped stitches in the hope that it doesn’t pull in too much. We’ll see how that works out, who knows. If it’s too tight for me, it’ll go towards Christmas and I’ll buy another ball!

  • Toile says:

    Ahh, point taken :/. Would it be blasphemous to use another similar yarn?

    Lovely! Thanks :).

  • wollphilie says:

    I don’t know about blasphemous, but I like things in order and them being darned with the same color. If all my socks were roughly the same color, I could probably deal, but let’s face it, they’re all over the place color-wise, and I do have enough of them to just retire the thin pairs at the bottom of my sock box. :P

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