And when I touch you I feel happy, inside

October 6, 2010 § 6 Comments


There’s kind of been a lot going on, yet at the same time, things have somehow stayed the same. But then, that shouldn’t come as such a surprise to me, since the French have been saying that for ages. (Does that mean I’ll listen to the French more? Possibly not. Except when it comes to cooking. I made Boeuf Bourguignon the other day and it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.)

Anyway. So, I’ve spending some money on yarn. Ahem. In which case ‘some money’ amounts to leaving €170 at various yarny institutions in the past two weeks or so, which is a ridiculous amount even for me. But wait! Eighty of those bucks weren’t even spent for me. €36 went into a Girl Friday cardi for my sister (who randomly professed to wanting one for Christmas), then Saskia ordered Zitron yarn via me for about €30, and then there were those three balls of sock yarn for a Christmas Stocking my mom wants. And with some odds and ends, you know how it is when I’m at Zitron and fall into a yarn coma, I spent 120 bucks there, of which I got 45 back, which isn’t all that bad, considering I had to move yarn from my stash to my wardrobe because it wouldn’t fit.

And I vowed not to buy any more yarn until all that I had bought was knit up. And I did start a scarf with the stitch pattern from Knitty’s Brambles Beret to go with that hat, even though I haven’t cast on the hat yet, but hey.


And I totally forgot that I was scheduled to go to the modell-hobby-spiel trade fair for all things hobby-ish and creative on the 3rd, and oh dear.

I bought several sets of buttons for the placket of my Thermal, most of them green, in various opacities and sizes just to be sure – at 40 cents a pop, I just couldn’t resist.

And I was going to be good, I’d fortified myself against the presence of the Strickcafé which I knew would be there, carrying the most fabulous yarns… and indeed I resisted.

And then I rounded a corner and found myself in a maze of shelves full of Lopi. And I don’t know if you knew this, but it’s funny, they don’t have a single colorway that’s not entirely gorgeous.


I must have stumbled and hit my head, because somehow I bought a sweater’s worth of Létt-Lopi in  a gorgeous oatmeal color – Saskia bought it in a shade lighter, and I’m already refiguring the Watson charts to fit the 14sts/4in – and two balls of colored Létt-Lopi, and because all was lost anyway, I bought this gorgeous, truly gorgeous baby alpaca/silk/merino blend lace yarn that has 400m/50g and is the softest thing I’ve ever touched, over at the WollLust stall, and then I fainted.


SAM_0135 SAM_0143

They had really good prices though!


And then we went home, heated and spiced some wine in a copper kettle, drenched a sugar cone in rum and set that shit on fire.


‘When shall we three meet again’-quoting entirely optional.


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§ 6 Responses to And when I touch you I feel happy, inside

  • Toile says:

    Oh god, your yarn looks sexy. I’m very jealous. Good luck knitting it all! And how’s the wrist, by the way?

    Ahah, loving the flaming sugar cone!

  • wollphilie says:

    the wrist is fine! major relief, since there’s only so much yarn you can wind into balls before going stark raving mad, but I’ve been back on the bandwagon for almost two weeks. I’m still doing purl rows left-handed English occasionally, when the wrist twinges a bit, but fortunately I’ve divided Thermal into back and front, so there’s no more 336-stitch purl rows (only gorgeous, short k and k2p2 rows).

    I’m knitting enough to make up for the delay, though, I’m almost finished with the endless leg of a Christmas stocking, I’m halfway up the biggest chart of the Miralda shawl, I’ve started a cabled scarf and I’m swatching like crazy for the Watson sweater.

    So. yeah. The wrist is fine :D

    Also Lopi is DEAD SEXY. Those colors! The texture! The springiness and sproingyness! The slight heathered-ness! I’ll have to wear a tshirt under the sweater (or make a cardi with a zipper, I haven’t decided yet), but knitting it up is surprisingly easy on the fingers.

  • Toile says:

    Your knitting productivity scares me. I’m plugging away, halfheartedly, on a sock that I’ve been making since early September…

    Lopi’s just gorgeous.

    Also, I just wanted to mention that I love the fact that every one of your blog titles makes me have to figure out where it’s from! Beatles <3!

  • wollphilie says:

    Have you ever watched Glee? That Beatles song was in the most recent episode, Grilled Cheesus, which was a really impressive, emotional episode that dealt with teenage religion (or lack thereof). It also had me bawling like a baby halfway through all the way to the end. If you’re even the slightest bit familiar with Glee, go watch it (they have great music and cool storylines pretty much all the time), although I’m not 100% sure it would make the best introduction to the series.

    Also, heh, my productivity scares me a bit, too. But then again, uni hasn’t started back up yet, so I have a lot of free time. And what do I usually do in my free time? Knit like a madwoman. I’m also suffering from project ADD, which explains the many different projects I have going right now. It’s nice though, something always tickles my fancy. There’s gotta be an upside to having my desk completely occupied by yarn!

  • Toile says:

    I love Glee! I just think that they absolutely ruined Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I agree, though, I Wanna Hold Your Hand made me sob for ages.

    I try to curb the project ADD. It ends up just being this one sock that I can’t be bothered to knit on sometimes… Bahh.

  • wollphilie says:

    Heh, I’ve got a couple of those hanging around, I just pile tons of other WIPs over them :P

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