Short and stout

December 16, 2010 § 8 Comments

I like tea.

And I’m not even British. I like tea, I drink copious amounts of it, and I have since I was twelve or thirteen. Most of the time, I’ll just throw a tea bag in a big ol’ mug and curl up around it, and since I have many big mugs, I somehow never got around to using the nifty little teapot my mother gave me for my birthday one year, which separates into a pot and a matching tea cup.



Somehow, sitting at my desk, doing Spanish exercises and pouring myself tea, it somehow elevated the commodity, the necessity that tea has become in my life to something more. It slowed me down, from unnecessarily hectic to calm. There’s something magical about a steaming cup of tea.

I haven’t really been taking my time with things recently. I’ve been increasingly impatient, I’ve thrown knitting away in disgust much more than usual. When I do sit down to knit, I only want to get it done and over with. It’s not even that I’m that much under pressure, because uni is easy this semester and I’m way early with presents this year, but somehow I’m cracking. I haven’t been taking my time.

Maybe I need some medium-size projects. All I have at the moment are sweaters and teeny things like camera cozies or single socks in thick yarn, and no grey area in between at all.


But maybe what I need is more tea. More sitting down with a tea pot and a small cup. (Small, in this household, is anything under 350 ml. We have mugs going up to 750 ml here.) More enjoying in small quantities. Less flitting from one project to another. Maybe even less composing hateful monologues to my Spanish teacher in my head.

More clearing my head, and breathing in the fragrant steam from the tea cup cradled in my hands.



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§ 8 Responses to Short and stout

  • Toile says:

    Yum. Your camera case is adorable, and I lovelovelove the teapot. I hope Spanish gets easier for you.

  • suddenexpression says:

    I love tea sets like that, and think I need to get myself one! What a great idea! And definitely Perfect for this time of year.

  • wollphilie says:

    a teapot like that would probably make a pretty good Christmas present as well, if anyone’s still looking for some…

  • Shannon says:

    beautiful post! I cannot wait to slow down. soon…

    we got our first snow yesterday…FINALLY! all 2″ of it. =) kids were thrilled to say the least.

  • wollphilie says:

    I walked through a winter wonderland of more than ankle-deep snow today and actually enjoyed it for the first time in a while. but seriously, I’d totally trade our snow against 2″ – let’s swap!

  • Shannon says:

    I don’t know, I’m so old (40), I don’t think I could handle shoveling more than what we had yesterday. So pitiful I was sore last night. Might need to consider an exercise regimen in the new year. =) I think you just need taller boots! hahaha!

  • wollphilie says:

    haha, well, we’ll just keep our snow then!

    (also, I have taller boots – they’re just hell on my sock heels! XD)

  • Shannon says:

    I think we might get more snow this week-end. Nice start to Yule and the official winter season! Last year this area got 3 storms that were 3 feet each time! Thank god we were living in VA at that point in time. My father actually gave us a snowblower when we moved here this summer so I will not have to shovel much. I only did it as a novelty yesterday. hahaha! It is good you knit so you can just make more socks. I’m working on man socks right now and have been since July. Sooo not inspired by them. Finally lit a fire under my butt and now I just want them DONE so I can work on something else! Obviously I haven’t been working steadily on them or they would have been finished months ago. I spin, too, so sometimes that substitutes for knitting or quilting/sewing also. I have too many hobbies, I suppose. Oh! Tea! Do you like black licorice? Here is a very very good tea if you enjoy licorice flavour.

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