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… wow.



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Long time no blog… well, I’ve been busy. With my life in general, and Uni and Christmas knitting in particular. Oh god. I’ve finished Adam’s Monster Socks, two pairs of girl socks, one and a half men’s gloves, and one and a half pairs of men’s socks. So I have to finish two and a half gloves and half a sock this week, buy some goodies, wrap the socks nicely, and send it all off. Which I should have done at least a week ago, but… oh god, I am so far behind.

And it’s not exactly helping that I’ve spontaneously decided to go to a concert this Wednesday when I could sit around at home and knit… or procrastinate. Seriously. Guess why I’m writing here! I have a half-finished sock at my elbow and I just. don’t. want. to. see. any. more. socks. Ever.

Good thing I’m knitting the gloves with double yarn and 4mm needles, they’re much faster than socks.

Motivation, motivation, motivation!

All I want to knit is my shawl that I haven’t touched in like two months, or something else that is actually interesting and a challenge. Ngh.

Seriously, after Christmas, I’m not gonna make any socks for a long time. And plain stockinette/rib socks are off my plan even longer.

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