IMG_9367 Patti – 21 – Knitter – feminist – individualist – cosmopolitan – curvy – random – gay – bold, sometimes – cookie monster – obsessive – artsy, with a knack for history – young and desperate for attention – cock rock and classical music – avid reader, writer, journal keeper – barefoot person – multi-fandom geek incarnate – master of the noseflute – loud – TNT, dynamite – curious – interested – bilingual – pierced – occasionally spontaneous – thoughtful – weird, in a good way – not a bit as confident as she likes to pretend, but she keeps the act up – Quo Vadis?


I forced my mother and grandma to teach me how to knit when I was  twelve, but the knitting bug didn’t really bite until the summer of 07, when I was 18 and knit a terrible, terrible Harry Potter sweater with arms three times too wide and a foot too long.

Since then, I’ve moved on from stockinette, and become quite proficient in not screwing things up too badly.

Oh, and I’ve fixed that sweater, too.

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