The best (wrist)band in the world!

March 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

While waiting for the 2007 ‘Es Wird Eng’ tour of my favorite band Die Ärzte to start, I made a total of four pairs of logo wristbands from scraps, two big sets for myself (I thought I’d lost the first pair) and two smaller sets for friends of mine, in hot pink/rose and blue/green, respectively. They were super simple (obviously), finished in under an hour each, and made great presents. I realize the Es wird Eng design is a little too late – but it would still make a nice memorabilia gift if you embroider the date on the back (like I did with my first pair), or just make two with the DÄ logo. I wish the Jazzfäst tour had a good logo, but sadly, it doesn’t.


– scraps of worsted weight yarn (I used Lana Grossa Joker) in two contrasting colors

– set of 4 4mm (US 6) DPNs

Gauge: 18sts = 4″/10cm

Size: women’s (men’s)


With first color, CO 27(30). Distribute evenly onto 3 DPNs , join (being careful not to twist).

[k2, p1] for 2 rounds.

Continue in Stockinette stitch for 11(13) rounds.

[k2, p1] for 2 rounds.
BO loosely, weave in ends.
With second color, apply the ä design (or design of your choice) opposite of the join with duplicate stitch.
Make another band in the second color, and duplicate stitch either the ä or the ‘Es wird Eng’ logo (or, once again, your choice of design) on the front.


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