Ah, Summer!

May 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

The Primavera socks are coming along great. I’m a tad worried about whether I made the shaft too long, i.e. that the 100g won’t be enough. Which would be horrific, cause then I’d have to frog the whole foot and heel. Tragic. Speaking of heel, I did that in a simple slip stitch pattern (R1 sl1, k1; R2 k1 sl1) which shows the yarn off beautifully. I kind of wish I’d done the whole sock that way. But no way I’m frogging over 90 rows of leg plus the heel.

It’s another pretty public project. I’ve worked on it on the train, in the hospital (my grandmother got dizzy and in the wake of her recent surgery, she wanted to get checked through), and I’m taking it with me to my History class meetup tonight.

Yeah, it doesn’t really look like strawberries. But to me, it looks like tomatoes and mozzarella with basil – which is almost better.

Maybe these will even last me until the end of the month, when I’m very likely to go to Leipzig again. Maybe. Or I’ll have to find another project with money I don’t have to procrastinate on Q.


Now I have a Q one and a green one

April 6, 2008 § Leave a comment


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I just finished the first therapy sock! It went really quickly considering how little time I had. It’s pretty short (12 pattern repeats) which I like. Somehow I managed to get the bind-off to be too tight though.

But apart from the difficulty of getting the cuff over my heel, they are PERFECT. Seriously. I’ve never had socks that fit that well. *in love*
And the yarn too. It looks better by daylight, I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow.

Yay socks!

Oh the places you’ll go

March 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

I am very bored with the Q sock. Very. But unlike the Cupholder, I can’t just frog it, sadly enough. Gah, frogging the damn green thing was so satisfying :P One less WIP!

To make up for it, I started another Leo Cozy. It irks me the first one didn’t fit, so I’m making another one with the original number of stitches. I don’t know if I have enough red yarn left over to make it exactly like the old one, so I started it with white and I’m probably going to make wider white stripes and thinner red ones. I hope that turns out well… I really liked how the first one came out, color-wise, even if the tip looks kinda weird.

I sort of want to knit a lace shawl. Or those cute underwear. Or that rose shrug, even though I’m sort of doubtful it would fit me. Or… anything, really, that isn’t a Q sock.

Q sock of doom II

March 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just started the second Q sock. Oh god. This might very well become the slowest sock in history. I’ve only done three rows and I’m already bored with it.

Ngh. But maybe when I get to the pattern it will distract me from my general (sexual) frustration (which the 1×1 rib certainly doesn’t). But that is only a frail hope I’m clinging to. Maybe I should befriend someone who lost a leg.

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