Christmas time… oh god

September 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

So I’m going to Wickede (Ruhr) and the Zitron workshop tomorrow to buy yarn for christmas knitting. I decided everybody’s gonna get socks – including Adam, and holy shit, he has size 13/14 feet??? Which is like a 48 here??? *dies*

So that’s 9 pairs of socks. *dies* But I have about three months left, so… that’s alright I guess.


First sock syndrome

July 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

I turned the heel on my Sun and Water sock (Firestarter pattern with handpainted yarn) about three weeks ago, I believe… and I’m so dissatisfied. It just doesn’t fit, any way I turn it. Plus the toe is kinda funky and short. But on the other hand, I don’t want to frog half a sock… :/ Especially since I wasted about an hour of precious, precious time with my LDR girlfriend winding that ball, and since it’s center pull, I’d have to rewind all of it, and… meh.

So I guess I’ll just thread some string through the stitches and let it rest for a while. I’m gonna start a hat in yellow sock yarn soonish, though I think 20cms would be better for that amount of stitches, so I could probably leave the knitpicks in there.


What is mojo, anyway?

May 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well… I just tried the Mojo sock on again. It’s definitely a tad too big for me, which means it’s gonna be huge on Sammy. So what I’m gonna do… is finish the second mojo sock without the purl stripe and see how that goes. Maybe I’ll do the Primavera toe, too, since that is shorter – by how much, I’ll figure out tomorrow. Maybe, since there won’t be a purl stripe, do the toe in stockinette or reverse stockinette – that would be nice, with the stockinette decrease strips going up the side… hm.

And then I’m gonna rip the toe out of the first sock. Sigh. I really hate frogging (well, except for that stupid cup cozy) especially of things I’ve already weaved in the ends. I’m a very throughout weaver-inner. This is gonna be fun *rolls eyes*

Aye for nubs

February 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m actually really satisfied with the nubby washcloth. I did screw up the weaving in on the CO corner – I wanted to make a loop, but it looked ridiculous and by the time I realized that, there was no way I could undo my meticulous weaving in :D But, oh well, it’s a washcloth for god’s sake.

I was kind of worried how much it stretched in the water – the nubby mesh part in the middle (YO, SKP, next row k) is really elastic to the point where I thought I’d ruined it. But now that it’s dried, it’s pretty much just… blocked. It looks good, I’ll post pictures as soon as I have batteries for my camera charged. And what’s even more important is that I think it works. It feels nice and … scrubby, I guess, even if you have to ball it up. My skin certainly feels smoother now, but that might be an illusion. But I did like showering with it, and I might knit another one. Maybe on even smaller needles for more support.

The only problem with it is that it’s too structured for the face. I tried it, and it was just too harsh, so I guess I’ll just have to… knit another washcloth :D it’s not like I have a million queued at ravelry :D My hand still hurts, but knitting is actually possible (even though my mother says it might be from too much knitting, sigh) and I started my Itty bitta batty Watty Bat washcloth in purple today. It is the silliest name I could come up with, I like Sammy’s ‘Batcloth’ (the name, that is) much better but that would be just copying, right?

The neverending washcloth

February 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Damn. Damn, damn, damn.

I’m almost done with my nubby orange washcloth that I’ve been working on for three days. On a washcloth! Granted, I didn’t really have time, but also my wrist is acting up again. Nothing for a week, and now I have to brush my teeth with my right hand. Not even talking of knitting here. Jesus, I was so, so close. I finished the nubby mesh part yesterday in the theater (in the break), and now it’s only 19 very short rows. Which I can’t do, I don’t think. I had a salve bandage all night and it doesn’t feel like it helped at all. I really need to get to go get it looked at, I suppose. But I don’t want them to keep me from knitting, either. :/

Hand trouble, sigh

February 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m done with the cuff now, and should be studying for my history test tomorrow. I’m not sure if I should knit any more tonight, my hand kind of hurts and I need it for 6 periods tomorrow after all. :/ I should put some salve or something on it, it might be the start of a tendonitis or carpal tunnel or something else I don’t even want to think about. If my left hand doesn’t work I’m screwed, not only for my exams tomorrow and Wednesday but also my portfolio for Uni. And I won’t be able to knit, which is almost worse.

But then, I can’t get it looked at till after the exams, cause there’s no way I’ll do them on a Saturday morning.  I can still press my thumb to all my other fingers, I just can’t lift anything heavy (>1kg) with it. It just needs to hold out three more days. I’ve even restricted my knitting, come on!

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