Dort tanzt Lu-Lu!

November 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

Okay. Triple post today. Whatever.


IT WAS AWESOME. They didn’t do anything significantly after 1930, and I do love their pop song covers, but… man. Brilliant, anyway. And so, so stylish, with their tuxes and Max Raabe himself in tails, for god’s sake. And the voice! The style! The understatement! The way you could HEAR his facial expressions, and the way he had the audience cracking up with one word. Which was ‘often’.

‘Singing a love song in your lover’s brain goes straight into the… pineal gland. And from there, via the cerebrum, into the cerebellum, if you want to know it exactly. And so the cerebellum doesn’t roll around like a marble in a big bowl, the rest of the space is taken up by the cerebrum. [Long, rhetoric pause, then deadpan] … often.’


So, yes. The title of the tour is ‘Heute Nacht oder nie’ (tonight or never), and it was mostly songs about men and women and love and the general confusion that comes with that. (Which is funny, since I and some other sources are pretty sure he’s very much gay, but hey. Who cares.)

The crazy thing is… everyone in that band? Demonstrated they play at least three instruments at least reasonably well, AND they can all sing. And the guy who played the banjo (and guitar, and one of the violins) rocked the whole thing. He was kind of doing all the great rock gestures, only… in a tux, and sitting down, and with the banjo.

Did I mention they had a sousaphone? And a xylophone? And… bells? And a big ol’ stand-up bass? And… everything?


And I wore the Monster. I mean Muir. It is, as it turns out, really very much too large to be anywhere near practical, but it is warm and awesome and really, after the amount of time I spent making it, there was no way I was NOT wearing it.


So, yes. We’re buying tickets for next April.


I take a look at my enormous…

October 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

(Ahem. If you don’t know what I’m alluding to in the heading – you have GOT to listen to this)

So, Muir.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the thing relaxed, but as it turns out, the monster’s a grower as well as a shower.

(I’m just gonna see how far I can take the penis metaphor in this post.)

This morning, while I got ready, I soaked it, then did the whole squeeze-until-slightly-damp routine, took it back to my room, and started sticking aluminum rods in.

*evil overlord laugh*

*strokes white angora kitty*

Let’s just say… it’s big. Huge, in fact. So big that I have nothing even remotely approaching the necessary size to handle this correctly.

Well, maybe the hallway, but I don’t want dog hair all over it (or the dog, for that matter), and you can’t stick pins into laminate floor.

So, anyway, the aluminum rods I bought are obviously not long enough. So I’ve come up with this nifty contraption that features Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ box set, my backpack, and an armchair.


I have no idea how many times I’ve stumbled over this thing already.

IMG_5662 IMG_5661

I dare not measure this thing, but seeing as my bed’s 1.20x2m, I’d say… 95cm x 2.40m. Maybe 2.50m. Holy crap.

But it’s pretty. I just wanna stroke and fondle it.

And after over a hundred hours, I think I’m entitled to a bit of quality time with the Big Huge Monster (TM).


(As a side note, I have no idea why the pictures turned out so grainy. Weird.)

Enjoy the Silence

October 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m proud to be able to consider myself a good friend. I’m loyal, I make great tea, and my friends know that if they need me, all they need to do is call and I’ll be over there as fast as I can.

But dude, I don’t remember it being so exhausting. I went over to Christian’s last night, because he was pretty beat up about the trouble he and his boyfriend were having yet again, and the time-tested solution to that is company, tea, alcohol and some movies you can geek out on. Which we did, and I lent a sympathetic ear and knit a bit, and we went to bed late and got up around 12 or so, and it was all like old times.

But now I’m home, and I’m so… drained. I just shut myself in my room; I can’t bear company right now. Or sound. I don’t even have music on.

How did I ever survive our hard-core seeing-each-other-every-day-for-two-weeks times?


To distract myself… STUFF I’VE MADE.

Awesome tomato soup (pureed tomatoes, crème fraiche, chicken broth, spices including lots of basil and a bit of chili).

IMG_5505 IMG_5503
Another Baktus, in Zitron Gobi (40/30/30 Merino/Camel/Alpaca), that I did as a big-needle-fat-yarn-instant-gratification project after Muir, and gave to Saskia because I realized I don’t really wear purple. I’ll have to buy some more of that yarn though, it’s delicious. Not in purple, though.

IMG_5512 IMG_5515
A plain garter stitch triangular shawl, to use up my sock yarn scraps. None of that pansy thin-stripes shit like the first SYS, just take a scrap ball and knit it till there’s nothing left. Seriously, I need to get rid of so many tiny useless balls that I somehow can’t seem to throw away. Cast on yesterday as I was taking the tram to Christian’s; very proud of my progress.


The thing that’s been giving me grey hair since June, that I’ve been obsessing and worrying about, until it became my anchor and… friend, I guess, and still I’m beyond relieved it’s finally finished, though as of yet unblocked… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….



Still need to block that bitch, though.

Don’t you cry no more

October 15, 2009 § 3 Comments

4.00pm – finished last pattern row of Muir, i.e. Row 1 after the last pattern repeat. Now, only a bit of purling and garter stitch to go.

4.16pm – a bathroom break and a couple of Supernatural expository scenes later, I AM DONE WITH THE BODY OF THIS BITCH. Now only the border to go. Will have to decide between another SPN ep or Cheaper by the Dozen in half an hour; money’s on SPN though. So much work got done on this baby watching scary shit, I figure I should be keeping with the theme right to the end.

6.09pm – a cracking tomato soup made and eaten as well as finished the last row! Now, only 157 stitches to bind off. Plus all those teeny tiny picots.

7.26pm – sluggish progress, but… I’m done.

Holy fuck, I’m done.

I see before me a new horizon

October 14, 2009 § 5 Comments

I am inching closer and closer to the end of Muir. I’m, for the last time, on row 20 or 21, which means I’m done with over half of the last pattern repeat. After that, only the border to go.

The pattern calls for 13 repeats, I’ll have 18. The pattern has three repeats of the pattern next to each other, I have four. The pattern calls for 940m of yarn, I’ll have used twice that amount.

Holy cow.

I knit at Starbucks today, in my favorite seat right next to the window, with a Caramel Brownie and a Chai Tea Latte. I always order a Chai, and it’s gotten to the point where I pop in there and just specify whether I want my drink to go or not, cause the baristas know what I want anyway. Maybe I should change up my habits a bit, but it’s just so tasty and you don’t drop off the high quite as fast as with coffee.

Anyway, it was pretty packed, and an elderly Chinese gentlemen sat down opposite me. And kept making notes in Chinese, and stealing glances at what I was doing. He eventually did ask me what I was doing and how long it had taken me to do all that, and we chatted a bit in German and English after that, and I finally got to ask someone how long it takes for Chinese kids to learn to read and write properly.

Five years, he said. FIVE YEARS. – Dude, if I was a Chinese kid, I couldn’t care less about being literate. Some people would probably jump down my throat for this, but honestly, phonetic writing systems are far superior to ideogram-based systems. For ease of understanding alone.

Speaking of phonetic writing systems, I had my second Spanish class today. It’s hella exciting. And after watching Saskia struggle so much with Chinese, I have a deep-seated appreciation for the clarity and straightforwardness of Spanish. Yes, it’s gonna be a lot of work. But it’s supposed to be, and if I can get to B1 in two semesters, all the better. Plus, really. Spanish is so intuitive. It just makes sense. It’s like Latin, just with fewer rules. (I’ll probably revise this opinion when I get to the tense trickeries, but for the time being, let me cherish this illusion.)

So, an exciting time. Spanish is pretty awesome, Muir is almost done, and I and I can almost ignore the fact that I’ve been getting my ass kicked repeatedly by the February Beret. I’m gonna have to rip it back for the fourth time, somehow I seem to be unable to deal with a seven stitch wide pattern. Sigh.

There’ll be peace when you are done

October 12, 2009 § 1 Comment


Also, Saskia and I just test-stretched it between us… holy shit, this baby is gonna be even huger once it’s all blocked. I still need some sort of blocking wires, since there’s no way in hell I’m blocking that shit with pins, but… omg. Omgomgomg. So close.

Granted, now that I’ve gotten all cocky about it, I’m probably gonna discover some huge torrential mistake halfway down the line… and I think I’m just not gonna care.


PS: Supernatural is really wreaking havoc with my language. Any day now and I’ll be starting to say “y’all” all over the place.

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning

October 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

You know your life is slow when knitting for six hours gives you a head rush. Because you just finished one repeat of Muir.

So, really, this post should by any rights be called ‘Steady as the Beating Drum’, but I’ve been watching more Supernatural than Disney, and so classic rock quote it is.

Anyway. I can now proudly proclaim I have 15 1/2 repeats of Muir plus the lower border done, which equals about 85 hours of work, plus what I spent on knitting those 1.5 repeats and ripping them back because of a simply retarded mistake, so it’s probably closer to 93 hours. Plus I often just pick it up, do a row or two or a half, and then move on to whatever, or get distracted while still holding it in my hands, so I’ve probably spent well over 100 hours with it in my hands already.

And what’s really baffling about these numbers is that for most of that, I’ve been watching stuff. The sheer, mindboggling number of episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Star Trek, Stargate this thing has witnessed… it’s been with me through all my recent phases. It’s crazy.

It’s also now so long I can wrap it around my shoulders to keep me warm while I’m knitting the other end. It’s insane, it’s huge, but it’s not quite long enough. So, yeah, I’ll probably be using all of the yarn I have. I still have 35 grams left, which should yield another… three repeats, so two and a half plus border.

Plus, I mean, I’ve already slogged through 1380 meters of yarn already. That’s only 300m to go. That’s… that’s a pair of socks. I can do that.

It’s funny, now that there’s finally an end in sight – I kinda wish it could go on for a bit longer. That is clearly insane and I’m probably developing some sort of Stockholm’s, but on the other hand, it’s gotten to this semi-meditative state where the pattern is so ingrained that I’m always pleasantly surprised when I look down at my hands and I’m way closer to the end of the row than I thought.

And there’s this rising pride. How much yarn that is! How much fucking yarn! And I’ve almost finished transforming it into something gorgeous and wearable and warm and gorgeous! That I have to figure out how to somehow block, and then… then, I can wear it with pride, pride, and some more incessant pride to the event I planned it for.

And I can finally go camping, and use the monster as a tent, sleeping bag  and air mattress all at once.


Because no post is complete without something entirely unrelated to knitting…



… have some awesome weather and some fucking fantastic soup.

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